SPIRIT TEA #1 is HAPPENING Sunday APRIL 26th at 7 pm PST via ZOOM and Instagram Live

An online seance of sorts for ideas, poems, lectures, commentaries, psychic scenes, and mythic wisdom. Jesse will be hosting these every Sunday for the foreseeable future, sharing deep connectivities for support, reflection, personal growth, and poetic expansion. Think of it like a cross between a salon, lecture, and discussion group exploring the depths of symbology, psychology, story, sound, vision, and feeling. A panoply of mysteries, inspirations, academic incantations, and psychospiritual invocations. Each week will focus on a theme, mythic image, or beloved object of study. Through microlectures, spontaneous elaboration, left-field slideshows, and poetic recitation Jesse will draw out the heart of whatever we're exploring, bringing new light and vision to old topics, and discovering new images and queries for broader, more connected, and expanded futures. Bring a cup of tea, cozy up to your Sunday eve computer or phone screen, and let the golden juice of spirit flow into your mind and awareness. Ask a question! Pose a bizarre argument! This is a space for growth, and allowing ourselves to unknow and know again.

Spirit Tea will be offered by donation, suggested at $10 a session, with no one turned away for lack of funds. You can sign up ahead of time, by sending me an email at, and be a part of the Zoom group, which may allow for discussion, or you can tune in via IG: @j.emile.moss. You can donate for Spirit Tea through paypal by clicking here, or via venmo: @halfshadow.

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